Information about Bravia

NOTE: This is written by the leader of the Viceroyalty for introduction to new players

Welcome to Bravia, the only republic in the greater realm of Secfenia!

We are a viceroyalty of independent souls who have chosen to forge a path to the future through cooperation and mutual respect, relying on the wit and will of our populace to provide leadership rather than relying on a monarch. We are honored that you have chosen to join us, and look forward to seeing the contributions you will make to our society as you grow.  There are many among us who will help you on your journey.

If you have questions or need assistance for reaching level one, you may mail your mentor (who has also sent you a letter) or send a mail to the Mayor of your town or Viceroy of the Republic.  In brief, you will need to complete the following tasks to level up:

- Read the level 1 Tutorial
- Read the Secfenia Basics Tutorial
- Gain 2 Social Points (From Other Players)
- Gain 2 Worker Points (From working in the Temple)
- Wear Something [Equip the Soiled Leggings for an easy option]
- Mail your Mentor
- Work a Field (Go to Town -> Town Jobs to find field work)
- Work in Temple or Cathedral in your town (Town -> Cathedral -> Select Work, signified by a broom

There are leveling assistance programs available through the viceroyalty if you are having trouble putting together enough Freznics for your level at any point.  Mail the Viceroy, Finance Minister, or your Mentor for more information on those.

Welcome to the Republic of Bravia and most importantly... Welcome Home!